Kat Mon Dieu, “The Gal with 9 Lives and 1000 Disguises!” is a NYC based actress, burlesque dancer, singer, costumer and Marilyn Monroe tribute artist.

Currently Kat is in collaboration with Ivie League, producing the Epic 2018 Hot Mama Burlesque Revue! She’s also designing and creating a tiny home from a retired 2002 Freightliner Schoolbus!

Kat’s past projects include the role of Baroness Marie-Helene de Rothschild (aka “Demeter”) in the first two seasons of “The Illuminati Ball”. (www.theilluminatiball.com) As the shows costumer, she designed and made more than 50 masks worn by the actors and patrons alike.
Prior to that, Kat played the roles of Anna Held, Marion Davies and Billie Burke in the “Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic” (an off Broadway immersive play) which ran from April until October 2015 at the Liberty Theater on 42nd Street. (www.speakeasydollhouse.com)
She also played Lena Doino and Hope Dare in another immersive production”The Bloody Beginning” at the Back Room and The Weylin B. Seymore, for 4 years.

Kat produced “Cabaret Exotica”; a show that combines singing and burlesque! “Dark Carnival Burlesque” at various venues around NYC; a co-production with her companion Mr. Hangman. She’s modeled as Marilyn for the “Bombshell Cookbook” by Dakota Kim, and appeared in various shorts and music videos. Ms Mon Dieu has also written for the Dr Sketchy’s NYC Blog, performs (and occasionally hosts) burlesque in such shows as Dark Carnival Burlesque, Kitty Nights, Coney Island USA, Chronologie, !BadAss!, The Goat Girl Review, Hot Mama’s Burlesque, Lincoln Park Tavern, Wits End, Shaken and Stirred, Nurse Bettie, Le Scandal, Room 69, Victrola Burlesque, Parkside (D20 Burlesque and Excelsior)…and many many others.

Kat volunteers her time and artistry to the NY Burlesque Festival, the Coney Island Gala Fundraiser and Mermaid Parade. She models for Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School in NYC, guest hosts on the “Rew and Who” radio show, and designs and creates her 1000 disguises (an ongoing goal!)

Email: Katmondieu@gmail.com

Mail: P.O.Box 215, New York City, N.Y. 10024