Check out my daughters work and if you want a portrait done, follow the instructions! by @kaegabrielle “New rules! Ive decided to change things up a little for a few reasons. In a nutshell: I draw people for 2 reasons. To get more exposure, and so that I can have consistent practice at drawing faces/people. But, I need a more simple way to know who (out of all the people that tag #drawmekae on their pics) actually really want to be drawn. I find that some some people don’t really care that much (just tag me for the hell of it), they aren’t active, they don’t bother to follow me, or they unfollow if I don’t draw them as soon as they tag their pic. And then there’s people who seem like they really want a portrait but barely say “thank you” and don’t even post the drawing once its done. It just irks me a bit, since I was taught to fullheartedly appreciate anything somebody makes for you… So anyway, I know its just instagram… its really not that serious, but to avoid drawing unappreciative people, I’m now going to run my “DrawMeKae” side project as more of a contest/giveaway. READ BELOW for details: -I will pick a winner every weekend. Meaning, on each Friday, I will look through the tag #DRAWMEKAE, and pick randomly. -The winner’s portrait should be complete over the weekend, but if my schedule is booked solid, I will give you a heads up that it may take a little longer (no later than sometime during that week).
-step 3. Is optional (1&2 are required) I will be looking at peoples accounts MAINLY based on WHO SHARED THIS PIC. So if you have a pic you REALLY want me to draw, feel free to tag #drawmekae on it but if not, I will pick the one I think would make the best drawing. -you must tag #drawmekae & @kaegabrielle when you share this post so I can notice it šŸ™‚ Thank you guys so much…you’re all awesome!! Okay. I’m done writing lol…now I’m hungry.” via @PhotoRepost_app