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My drawings from Dr. Sketchy’s NY Presents: Speakeasy Dollhouse.
Katelan Foisy and Kat Mon Dieu were wonderful models! I’ve played Katelan’s stage husband for a year and a half now, so this is where she goes while I’m cutting hair! In all seriousness, it was a great afternoon. Lord Kat, Lady Kat, Esther and I were drawing and it was a blast. I really like the Slipper Room. Kate Black was delightful and hilarious as always. Great to see Melissa, Yao and Numi as well. Some of these drawings were for a specific theme, I didn’t win any of the contests but it’s an honor just to be nominated!

Here are some fab fun drawings of Katelan Foisey and me, from the imaginative mind of Silent James! We modeled at the Slipper room for Dr Sketchy’s “Speakeasy Dollhouse” session. What an honor!



#Marilynettes ~ Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio arriving and eating dinner at El Morocco.

[September 12, 1954]