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Speakeasy Dollhouse 2/4!

As always, dismantlethepsolc and I are excellent at audience-membering. If you have an immersive/interactive theater production, and you need someone to attend it, why not call on us?

Speakeasy Dollhouse is a murder mystery, although the mystery is more why than whodunit, and it is up to the audience to draw their own conclusions at the end of the show. Of all the immersive theater I’ve seen lately (a lot), I think this show is the most interactive. Almost everything that happens is an improvised conversation between audience and actors, and even the scripted scenes eventually become participatory if you are open to it. Each audience member is given a role/task on entry, and it’s up to you to complete it whenever you’d like. I completed mine within the first five minutes of the show, and got a free drink for my troubles. Photography is also encouraged, although I was too busy chatting with all of the various characters to ever whip out my iPhone. I was able to have a conversation with every character in the show, except Mary Spano (she was busy giving birth) and Cynthia Von Buhler, the show’s time-traveling authoress. I’ll have to catch up with them next time. All of the characters are incredibly easy to engage, and even though there was a good-sized crowd, the scenes felt intimate; as though everyone else there was just a stranger, but I was not. Even in one of the most crowded scenes, that I entered into late, and was stuck in the back of, I never felt uninvolved, because there was another actor standing in the back with me, and she gossiped with me about what was happening in the scene. I was really impressed by that level of thoughtfulness. It’s almost silly to try to recap what I did during this show, because: everything! I did everything. But I particularly enjoyed examining a dead body with a kooky doctor and nurse duo, getting the low down from a barber on the lam, and befriending a young boy played by a grown woman. This show also has beautiful burlesque dancers! Live birds! An audience encouraged to wear vintage costumes! And alcoholic drinks at reasonable (for Manhattan) prices served in tea cups. I definitely recommend seeing it when it comes around again (March 2nd, I believe).

I suspect it was I who gossiped with you sweet lady! As I tend to be in the wrong place at the right time quite often!



 ~ Mohawk Territory.

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