603964_490449170994910_1500111322_nI’m moving forward in good faith that all my energies focused on a path that feels authentic, will lead me to success! As a birthday gift to myself I purchased this gorgeous wig. I have been tributing Marilyn since the early 1980’s and have never had a very good wig. I once saw Jimmy James live at “Don’t Tell Mama” shortly after I started performing, and I was amazed at how real his hair looked. I couldn’t figure out how it was possible to eliminate the wiggy hairline, and sometimes my dark hair showing! Yikes! (see photo)

attachmentI love this candid image taken by a fabulous photographer, Jaka Vinsek. I normally would retouch the hairline before posting, but how could I achieve that effect in life? Then I discovered lace front wigs many years later when I started purchasing wigs for my performances. I have a few of them but it is nearly impossible to find a perfectly styled Marilyn wig with lace front. I’ve searched high and low. I have bought a few duds that promised a realistic hairline but they weren’t that good. The one I just found has just what I have sought. They have another style of Marilyn wig but that will have to wait until later. I’m just so excited to have a wig with not only a lace front and human hair, but with the “widow’s peak” hairline that Marilyn had! Bravo to the NYC custom wig makers for doing their research and keeping this piece authentic to her beloved image.