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Dark Carnival Burlesque presents: “The Valentine Show”!.


Bring your Sweetheart or Swing it Solo to this carnal delight of beautiful misfits and oddities, to watch us reveal the bizzare side of courtly love (no we did not say “Courtney”!).

Hosted by The Góthic Hangman Himself! Along with his Mistress in Mischief, Ms Kat Mon Dieu; Starring Jawdropping Juliet Jeske, Buxom Broadway Brassy, Mysterious Magic Max, Rambunctious Ruby Solitaire, Puddin’-Lovin’ Poison Ivory, Lovely Leta LeNoir and partner in crime Bruno Puntz Jones! With the Kitten stylings of the Little Italian Mistress Lucille Ti Amore as that li’l devil “Cupid”!

Comedy! Burlesque! Magic! Candy! Raunchy ballads! Blood! Fetishes! Prizes! and of course…Buckets of Love! No…I mean literally buckets of Love!

We have Kickass Raffle Prizes to assist you in your seduction, a titillating competition for a booby prize (you’ll love it!) and 2 for 1 drinks to seal the deal!

AND…A Super Top Secret Special Surprise Performer that we cannot divulge the identity of for his own protection. (Many zealots want his head on a stick)

Venue address:
Le Delancy, 168 Delancey Street, New York, NY 10002 The Delancey is located on the North East side of Delancey Street between Clinton and Attorney, at the base of the Williamsburg bridge.

Event date:
Thursday February 14th “Valentines Day” @ 8:30pm until midnight

Event prices:
Advance tickets may be purchased online at Brown Paper Tickets
$10 per person, $18 per couple

Telephone number:
212- 254-9920



2 Minutes to Marilyn Monroe

Have plans for Valentine Night? Purchase your tickets in advance! This show will fill up!!!

Advance ticket sales for Dark Carnival Burlesque Valentine Show!

Dark Carnival Burlesque Valentine Show

New Growth

603964_490449170994910_1500111322_nI’m moving forward in good faith that all my energies focused on a path that feels authentic, will lead me to success! As a birthday gift to myself I purchased this gorgeous wig. I have been tributing Marilyn since the early 1980’s and have never had a very good wig. I once saw Jimmy James live at “Don’t Tell Mama” shortly after I started performing, and I was amazed at how real his hair looked. I couldn’t figure out how it was possible to eliminate the wiggy hairline, and sometimes my dark hair showing! Yikes! (see photo)

attachmentI love this candid image taken by a fabulous photographer, Jaka Vinsek. I normally would retouch the hairline before posting, but how could I achieve that effect in life? Then I discovered lace front wigs many years later when I started purchasing wigs for my performances. I have a few of them but it is nearly impossible to find a perfectly styled Marilyn wig with lace front. I’ve searched high and low. I have bought a few duds that promised a realistic hairline but they weren’t that good. The one I just found has just what I have sought. They have another style of Marilyn wig but that will have to wait until later. I’m just so excited to have a wig with not only a lace front and human hair, but with the “widow’s peak” hairline that Marilyn had! Bravo to the NYC custom wig makers for doing their research and keeping this piece authentic to her beloved image.

2013: Let it Shine!

memarilynGreetings for 2013! May this year be filled with Love, Beauty, Health, Wealth, Success, Magic, Passion, Joy and all our hearts desires manifested in reality. I’m turning over many new leaves as some of my close friends know. I have opened my life up to the possibilities that are crying for attention. These things reside in areas of my life that I have only been able to attend to sporadically because of my job. I’m a Registered Nurse by profession, but I stopped working in September of 2012 in order to focus on my family and concentrate on endeavors that make me happy.

Indeed it is not a picnic struggling financially, but the fact that my house looks like a home (I finally had a housewarming/Xmas party here after over a year of living here), and I have been able to sleep and have better quality relationships with my loved ones, has made me even more determined to find a way in life without returning to work as a nurse. I’m putting it out there: I want to work exclusively in the Arts. I will work exclusively in the Arts. I work exclusively in the Arts.

So far 2013 has been a full year! I stepped into it, in character as Marilyn Monroe (one of my many alter egos) and performed “Diamonds” at the lovely bar in Chinatown, “Apotheke”. The next day, an interview for the radio program, “Rew & Who?” at Ottos Shrunken Head. On January 3rd I had my birthday (half century!) and the following night performed at Le Poisson Rouge with a bevy of beautiful Capricorn sisters; Minnie Tonka, Rosie 151, Sizzle Dizzle, Beelzebabe, Doctor Lucky, Grand Mafun, Peekaboo Pointe, Rosey La Rouge, Dulce De Leche, Tawdry Owl and one Capricorn brother (Burke Heffner)! The show felt like a party with all of our happy energy and jokes about being too organized (we were stage ready 45 minutes before we had to go on!). There was a wonderful turnout of our friends, family and burlesque community, even on the notoriously difficult “first week after New Year”. Most people just want to stay home and nurse their hangovers. We had a near full house. I know we were all feeling loved and blessed that evening. What a delightful way to celebrate our birthdays, and the New Year.

May we all grow and evolve and learn good new tricks that make things better for all of us. Let’s reap the benefits of our intelligence and wreak havoc on the unsatisfactory status quo! Be the person you want your 12-year-old self to admire. You’d be surprised what a great person that is!

Love and Purrs!

Kat Mon Dieu