One of a Kind Wearable Art

Prodigy (Rest in Power) of Mobb Deep wears the bespoke Vulture Mask I created especially for him.

I asked, “What kind of bird are you?”

“Vulture”, he replied.

(A very misunderstood & maligned yet important bird)

Knowing of his interest in Egyptian history, I created this piece with the sacred eyes of Horus and Ra painted in gold on the black eyes…with tears of stars cascading down.

He wored it proudly.

One of a Kind Events

Robyn Anderson of Post Modern Jukebox sings “Chandelier” while flanked by beauties wearing my candelabra headdresses. They were commissioned as part of the Jaegermeister Ball in the Spring of 2016, an event held at the Weylin B Seymour, NYC

Delysia La Chatte starring as Josephine Baker, performs “I Wanna Be Bad” wearing my red ostrich feather headdress creation (available for purchase $275 USD). Her minions sport classic devil horns.

The Illuminati Ball

The following masks and headresses are among the multitude of costume pieces I created for The Illuminati Ball: An Immersive Excursion. I made over 50 character masks and candidate (patron) masks and headresses during the first two years of the show. I also contributed many costumes from my personal collection. My daughter Kopyrh, was my assistant and made the capes and assisted with sewing repairs and prosthetics application for each show.

Mask mutitasking…my process.



Mask repair and mainenance aboard my Skoolie.